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Important pages[]

Characters and NPC

Monsters and Enemies



What we learned from the prequel[]

Releasing the prequel for Free was a way for us to see what our fans wanted, how they felt about the direction we were taking and the technical challenges that we would face making a complete multi-chapters game.

- We learned that we needed a better tool with more control. The music game is too dependent on frame rate, we are stuck doing things a certain way, etc. So we hope that the release of RPG Maker Unite will help us solve a lot of problems. Unity is a real game engine that has done its proofs. It's in C# and we will have much more control on what is happening when. We hope this is the game changer we were waiting for.

- We learned that we must make the main story more serious and make it feel more dramatic. Real problems, real treats and less jokes. The humor will still be very much present on the side, but not in the main focus. This should help immersion and make a better story overall.

- We learned that most people loves puzzles and challenges, but we must also add a way to help those that are stuck and don't want to go back and look for missed clues. That's why we are making a wiki for the Prequel.

- We learned that making games is hard and that we need the support of the community. We are thinking of ways to make you a part of the development of the complete game.

- We learned that taking a break and a step back can help to refocus ourselves and go in a better direction.

- We learned that making a free prequel with common asset may be ok, but for the complete game, we will need custom assets to make our game stand apart.

And we keep learning so many new things every day.

For all that, we want to say a big thanks to all the players that played the prequel and gave us feedback! We are hoping that we can provide you with great games in the future!